Secure and Usable Bio-Passwords based on Confidence Interval

Aeyoung Kim
1 , Geunshik Han2 , and Seung-Hyun Seo3+

1 National Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Daejeon, Korea


2 Hanshin University, Gyeonggi-do, Korea


3Korea University, Sejong-si, Korea



The most popular user-authentication method is the password. Many authentication systems try to enhance their security by enforcing a strong password policy, and by using the password as the first factor, something you know, with the second factor being something you have. However, a strong password policy and a multi-factor authentication system can make it harder for a user to remember the password and login in. In this paper a bio-password-based scheme is proposed as a unique authentication method, which uses biometrics and confidence interval sets to enhance the security of the log-in process and make it easier as well. The method offers a user-friendly solution for creating and registering strong passwords without the user having to memorize them. Here we also show the results of our experiments which demonstrate the efficiency of this method and how it can be used to protect against a variety of malicious attacks.

Keywords: Key Extraction, Confidence Interval, Non-Cognitive Password, Bio-Cryptosystem


+: Corresponding author: Seung-Hyun Seo
Department of Mathematics, Korea University, Sejong Campus 2511, Sejong-ro, Sejong City 30019, Korea
Tel: +82-44-860-1316


Journal of Internet Services and Information Security (JISIS), 7(1):14-27, February 2017 [pdf]