Multi-attribute Aware Path Selection Approach for Efficient MPTCP-based Data Delivery

Jiaxin Zeng
1, Fenfen Ke1, Yi Zuo2, Qinghua Liu1, Minghe Huang1, and Yuanlong Cao1

1School of Software, Jiangxi Normal University, Nanchang 330022, Jiangxi Province, China
{xcfzjxtt, coffee, 004799},,


2Jiangxi innovation funds management center for small and medium-sized enterprises Nanchang,

330046, China



With the increasing diversity of wireless access technologies, and the further integration of mobile communication and heterogeneous wireless networks, more and more mobile devices equipped with multiple network interfaces. The mobile devices, which have integrated multi-homing technology, can transmit data through multiple network interfaces to improve the quality of data transmission for users. The advantages of multi-homing technology have contributed to the rapid development of multipath protocols. Multipath Transmission Control Protocol (MPTCP) is an extension of the traditional Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), which can take advantage of the capabilities of multiple network interfaces to simultaneously make use of multiple paths for data transmission, aiming at improving the performance of the data delivery. Although the multi-homing mobile devices configuring MPTCP protocol can obtain a lot of benefits, the current MPTCP path selection mechanism is too simple resulting in some concerns. So, a multi-attribute aware path selection approach for MPTCP (MPTCP-MAPS) is proposed in the paper, which jointly taking the Round-Trip Time (RTT) and the packet loss rate (Loss) of transport layer into account for efficient data delivery. MPTCP-MAPS designs a Multi-attribute path switch Prober (MP) to enhance the efficiency of the path selection mechanism. The results, which are gained from a closing realistic simulation topology, demonstrate how MPTCP-MAPS' path selection approach is superior to the current MPTCP path selection mechanism in terms of continuity of mobile services and performance in heterogeneous wireless networks.

Keywords: wireless access technology, MPTCP, path selection approach, mobile device


+: Corresponding author: Jiaxin Zeng
Room 3412, Xiansu building, No.99 Ziyang Road, School of Software, Jiangxi Normal University, Nanchang 330022, Jiangxi, China,
Tel: 18070509850


Journal of Internet Services and Information Security (JISIS), 7(1):28-39, February 2017 [pdf]